The Start

I’ve been depressed for two years now.  I’m not saying this for attention or for your pity. I’m saying this because I went people to be aware that depression is a real thing that real people have.

I’m not sure why this happened or how this happened. One day it all just caught up to me. Imagine not having energy to get out of bed, making excuses for missing school, and worst of all not having anyone notice. The most terrible thing about this, is that I have nobody here for me. This is why I’m here. Sad or not nobody deserves to be alone.



Let me start with a quick introduction. I’m currently in high school, though my age and grade will remain anonymous as well as my real name. I’m not stuck up. I’m not popular. I’m not a nerd. But I am genuinely nice and pretty. I don’t wear the most expensive clothes or drive the nicest car. I’m not poor nor am I rich. I’m 5’8″ with blond hair and blue eyes. I’m not super skinny nor am I super fat. I don’t wear makeup nor do I bother to do anything special to my hair. I am someone you can relate to. I’m here to help.

New Beginnings

I may be making this for your entertainment or I may be making this for myself. A place where nobody knows who I am. Somewhere I can be completely honest. Not judged. Maybe even understood. I call this a new beginning.

I know what you all must be thinking. How lame I am. How I’m sitting here on my computer to basically tell my story. Well you’re just as lame sitting there reading this. Get a life.